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Our Fleet

GoGreen Cab Co. is dedicated to providing ecologically aware and friendly transportation within the Pioneer Valley. 

GoGreen's main fleet features Ford Escape Hybrid vehicles, the most fuel-efficient SUV in North America. Ford Escape Hybrids are the first vehicles to combine SUV capability with the outstanding fuel economy and the low carbon footprint of a full hybrid. Hybrid vehicles use less fossil fuel and have greatly reduced emissions.

Our goal is to make a positive environmental impact, with a commitment to taking pro-active steps to make a difference in the quality of environment we leave to future generations. But being environmentally responsible doesn't mean compromise. Our Ford Escape Hybrid's feature comfortable seating for up to five, a large cargo area and lots of amenities, including climate control. Our fleet of vehicles are inspected and cleaned daily, ensuring your safety and comfort while maintaining a low environmental impact.

In order to serve all of our customers needs, in addition to our hybrids, GoGreen also offers exceptional service in our fully equipped 7 passenger minivans. Though we are dedicated to ensuring a low carbon footprint 

through the use of hybrid vehicles, we are also aware that vans provide passenger and cargo capacities that many other vehicles can’t match. Maintaining our commitment as a green company, we make sure our large capacity vehicles have earned the SmartWay stamp of approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this is a designation earned by those vehicles that have combined Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Scores that place them in the top tier (approximately the top 20%) of environmental performers. It is GoGreen's intent to transition into large capacity hybrid vehicles as these options become available in the future.

Travel Safe. Travel Clean. GoGreen!

We are looking forward to continuing the expansion of our fleet in the very near future. We appreciate your loyalty and patience as our company grows. Thank you for choosing GoGreen as your local Cab Company.

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